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The British Standards Institute (BSI) has three main standards that are used when locks are submitted for testing and a star rated standard for euro profile cylinders. Locks that conform to BSI standards, will display the BSI kitemark and the standard that it has passed. The kitemark and the standard will be clearly stamped on the faceplate of mortice locks and the body of rim locks and euro profile cylinders. The most common standard for the domestic family home is BS3621. Locks that pass this standard will be key operated from both sides; once the key is removed from the lock in the closed position, the lock is secure from glass or letterbox attack. Your Home insurance policies will typically state; that for the property to be compliant with the terms of the policy, it is a requirement that all doors and windows are fitted with approved locks. There will be slight variances between insurance providers, as to what is deemed approved within the terms of their policies. In our experience, insurance providers have the following minimum requirements:

  • All external wooden doors with direct entry to the property, need to be fitted with a 5-lever mortice deadlock, or sash lock complying to BS3621. These locks can be identified by the visible British Standard kitemark on the face plate and the anti-drill plate on the body of the lock, just above the keyway.
  • All uPVC and composite doors with direct entry to the property, need to be fitted with a multi-point lock, housing an anti-snap euro profile cylinder complying to BSI TS007:2012. Compliant euro profile cylinders will display the British Standard kitemark below the keyway and are star rated, with either one or three stars. Two star rated security handles can be used as conversion modules, to upgrade the rating to the requirements of your insurance provider.
  • All Windows which are accessible need to have key operated locks fitted on the internal side of the window. Our recommendation is to fit two locks, operating on the same key, with top and bottom positioning for all casement and slider windows. We recommend the addition of two locks, operating on the same key, with left and right positioning for all sash, transom and awning windows.
  • All single and double sliding patio doors with direct entry to the property, need to have key operated locks fitted internally. Our recommendation is to fit two locks, operating on the same key, with top and bottom positioning on the centre rail.

For commercial premises and apartment buildings that have communal doors; building managers and landlords are required by law, to comply with fire safety regulations. It can often be a tough act, to balance insurance requirements with the safety of the public in multiple occupant buildings. Door locks fitted to apartment blocks and shared residency housing, need to comply with BS8621. This standard applies to locks that require a key for entry, but not for exit, thus satisfying the fire safety regulations of quick emergency escape.

  • Omnisec Locksmiths recommend that all wooden doors requiring keyless exit, such as doors in apartment blocks, office buildings and public spaces, are fitted with a BS euro profile deadlock or BS euro profile sash lock; housing an anti-snap euro profile cylinder, with key and thumb-turn operation. Additionally, all uPVC and composite doors need to house an anti-snap euro profile cylinder with key and thumb turn operation to be compliant.

Some insurance companies may loathe to accept these type of locks, within the close vicinity of a letterbox or door glass and in more recent times, especially in new apartment buildings, developers have opted for communal letterboxes. Locks complying to BS8621 are sometimes a requirement for residents living in ground floor occupancy, such as a bungalow. Many houses, including the bungalow, have doors with fitted letterboxes and glass. If you are managing such ground floor occupancy, or if you are the landlord of small shared residency buildings, such as student houses; one way to satisfy the insurance companies, whilst remaining fire safe, is to fit a security grille for single pane glass and a letterbox guard or letter cage. This will ensure that the internal thumb turn is more robustly protected from letterbox and glass attack.

British Standard 10621 is a hybrid of the two previous standards. Locks complying with BS10621 can only be locked by a key from the outside. These locks are dual egress, meaning that they are keyless on exit, unless the function has been disabled by a key from the outside. These locks should not be used in single exit dwellings because of the associated fire risk. They are recommended for commercial buildings, as an additional security feature to BS8621 locks, but only when leaving the premises unoccupied.

If you are looking to take out a home or business insurance policy, or you need to make sure that your building complies with fire safety regulations and you would like further information; Omnisec Locksmiths offer our Nottinghamshire clients a free security survey service. We will attend your home or business and do a full survey of all doors and windows, providing a full and accurate report on your existing hardware. We will furnish you with a competitive quote, for any upgrades needed to comply with the relevant standard.