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uPVC & Composite Services in Nottingham

uPVC and composite doors will typically house a multi-point locking mechanism, with three or more locking points that span the entire height of the door. As opposed to the traditional locking solutions of the past, the multi-point locking mechanisms are designed to lock the top, middle and bottom of the door into the frame. It is claimed that this type of locking solution protects against energy wastage and is more efficient for reducing excessive noise. The multi-point locking mechanisms on most uPVC and composite doors will be operated by lift lever handles and a euro profile cylinder, which could either operate a key both sides, or a thumb turn on the inside of the door.

Newer and more high-end composite doors may house automatic multi-point locking mechanisms without lift lever handles. A helpful way of thinking about the automatic mechanisms, is to imagine them as a fusion-hybrid of the traditional Yale night latch and Chubb mortice locks of the past; the obvious difference being, the multi-point nature of the lock. These multi-point locks operate by essentially throwing the latch bolts of the mechanism as soon as the door is closed, which renders the door deadlocked.

Omnisec Locksmiths are well versed in dealing with problematic uPVC & composite locking hardware. In our experience and in most cases, homeowners, tenants and business operatives, will observe and feel what can be translated as warning signs, that their uPVC and composite doors require the attention of a locksmith. Sadly, many people ignore these warning signs, which can often result in more expensive repair bills and even the stressful experience of being locked out. We encourage our Nottinghamshire clients to contact us without delay, should they observe or experience the following warning signs:

  • Sagging door handles
  • Difficulty operating lift lever handles when door is closed
  • Uneasy opening and closing of the door panel itself
  • Door not latching
  • Difficulties with key or thumb turn operation
  • Noticeable door dropping

Upon receiving your call, Omnisec Locksmiths will attend to your home or place of business, fully equipped to efficiently rectify the fault. We work with the industry’s biggest and most popular brands, thus ensuring that our vans are fully stocked, ergo our locksmiths can supply and fit any replacement handles, centre cases, multi-point mechanisms, or euro profile cylinders that may be required without delay.